New Jersey teen stabbed outside Gingerbread Castle Amusement Park in Hamburg

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HAMBURG, NJ – Police in Hamburg said a teenager was stabbed outside the roadside attraction, Gingerbread Castle Amusement Park last Thursday.   The teen, according to police was involved in a three-way relationship that involved a woman and former park employee Steven Rogers, 21.    Rogers, according to police stabbed the 14-year-old boy after a physical confrontation outside the park. He was sent to the hospital and Rogers was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.    The woman was also charged with sexual assault on the teenager earlier this fall.

The Gingerbread Castle was built in 1928 by biscuit magnate F.H. Bennett.  The castle opened to the public in 1930.  It saw its decline in the 1980s serving as a nightclub and a haunted house before being sold in 2014. The castle changed hands multiple times in the past six years but now is being rehabilitated.