Truck thief paints stolen pickup blue to hide from police, it didn’t work


LINCOLN, CA –  A Lincoln man was caught with a stolen pickup truck, despite his best effort to hide the evidence this week.  He spraypainted the entire truck with blue spraypaint, but it didn’t fool officers who saw the truck in a parking lot on Monday.

At 7:30 PM on December 7th a Lincoln Police Officer observed a vehicle in a parking lot (100 block of Gateway Drive) that had been entirely painted with blue spray paint. A check of the license plate revealed that the vehicle had been reported stolen in Sacramento. The officer detained the lone occupant, who was in the passenger seat. Officers then contacted and detained 42-year-old Ian Boyea (of Lynwood, WA) inside a business and learned that he had driven the vehicle to its location.

During a search of the vehicle officers located methamphetamine and suspected fentanyl. Boyea was arrested for vehicle theft, felony vandalism (for painting the victim’s car), possession of methamphetamine, possession of narcotics, and possession of a concealed dagger. He was booked at the South Placer Jail.

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