Watch: Portland Police Department defeated by mob in suburban neighborhood


PORTLAND, OR – The Portland Police Department has been defeated in the neighborhood around North Mississippi Avenue where violent protesters have blocked off a portion of the city to outsiders.  Police now warn the public they may not be coming back and calls for fire, medical and police services might be delayed, if answered at all as leftist protesters are working towards creating a new ‘autonomous zone’ around a home where a family had recently been evicted.  Police Chief Chuck Lovell said he is employing Demonstration Liason Officers to try to discuss a peaceful outcome with the violent and unruly mob that attacked police officers earlier this week.

The Portland Police Bureau would like to update the public on an occupation developed in the Humboldt Neighborhood on private and public property that has been hostile toward police, journalists, and other community members.

During the morning of December 8, 2020, a group of people blocked North Mississippi Avenue between North Skidmore Street and North Prescott Street. Since that time and overnight, they have set up additional barricades and fortifications in this area. They have also stockpiled weapons.

Those involved in the occupation have threatened and assaulted people, and their actions indicate the intent to continue to do harm to the community. People carrying firearms have been reported in the area. Portland Police call on those individuals to leave their weapons and barricades behind and allow the neighborhood to return to peace.

“We want a peaceful and safe resolution to the occupation of public space on North Mississippi Avenue,” said Chief Chuck Lovell. “We are greatly concerned about the fortification of barricades, stockpiling of weapons, armed sentries, attacks on journalists and threats to kill officers in graffiti in this public space. Our goal is for this to resolve peacefully to increase safety for all involved. I encourage those involved to reach out to our Demonstration Liaison Officers so we can discuss a peaceful outcome.”

This criminal activity has had a significant impact on the safety of residents in that area and the livability of the neighborhood. Traffic and transit cannot pass. Emergency vehicles, including Fire & Rescue and paramedics, may be delayed or prevented from reaching people in need. Residents cannot move freely to and from their own homes. People have reported crimes within the occupied area, including assaults. Portland Police recommend that anyone without a need to be in the area avoid it.

Those in the area immediately impacted along North Mississippi Avenue between North Skidmore Street and North Prescott are severely affected. Anyone there should exercise caution and stay inside if they feel unsafe. Witnesses to crimes in progress in addition to the occupation are asked to report it to police.

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