Watch: Bakersfield Police release body cam footage of November police shooting

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Bakersfield, CA – The Bakersfield Police Department has released police officer body cam footage from a police involved shooting that occured in November.

“We have released a community debriefing regarding an officer involved shooting which occurred on November 10, 2020. The debriefing contains actual footage of the shooting and a summation of information,” the department said in a statement. “Our commitment to community trust requires openness and transparency in all matters, especially the use of deadly force by a police officer. While this investigation has moved to a point where it is practical to release this information, the matter is still under review.”

The involved officers remain on modified duty pending a determination by the Chief of Police as to the appropriateness of their actions under state law and department policy.

The officers involved in the shooting are identified as Detective Keith Schlecht, Detective Brent Thomas and Officer Chad Dickson. Detective Schlecht has been an officer with the department for approximately 13 years. Detective Thomas has been an officer for approximately eight years. Officer Dickson has been an officer for one year. All three officers were wearing body camera devices.

Chief of Police Greg Terry said, “The public has a legitimate interest in obtaining timely and accurate information about police shootings, and the Bakersfield Police Department is committed to making that information available. We will release the body worn camera footage of officers in critical incidents as soon as it is possible to do so without compromising an investigation. This is our commitment to accountability and professionalism.”