Chris Christie is now just Chris on Facebook as New Jersey’s GOP Anti-Trump revolution begins

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FACEBOOK – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is up to something and nobody’s really sure what it is. Some speculate that Christie, who in the past few weeks changed his Facebook profile name to just “Chris” is gearing up for a 2024 presidential run.  This week, Christie, who was one of Trump’s closest insiders just a few weeks ago, even catching COVID-19 with the President is now telling the President, enough is enough.

Christie this week also criticized Trump for calling wayward Republicans, “corrupt RINO’s”.

“People are going to have to stand up and say these things,” Christie said of opposition to Trump’s claims of having the 2020 election stolen from him. “It’s a lack of evidence and any type of legal theory that makes any sense.”

Christie said Trump’s legal team is an “absolute absurdity”.

Today, Christie is being suspected of leading an Anti-Trump insurgency in the New Jersey Republican Party as Christie faction ally Bob Hugin is running against former GOP Chairman Michael Lavery in a state party election to determine the next chairman of the party.  Former chairman Doug Steinhardt had to step down last week after announcing his candidacy for Governor in 2020.

So far, according to the New Jersey Globe, the Christie faction’s effort may fall short, failing to convince enough of the 41 state committeemen and women to vote for Hugin.



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