Scottsdale Police say no sign of abuse in viral dog abuse video

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ – A viral video circulating in the Scottsdale area of a man purporting to abuse his two dogs has caught the attention of the Scottsdale Police Department after residents criticized police for taking no action.

“Over the weekend, a portion of cell phone video depicting alleged animal abuse at a north Scottsdale residence was circulated via social media and many of you have expressed concern, even outrage, over the perceived lack of action by the Scottsdale Police Department,” the department said today.

According to the police department, on Saturday, Dec 12th, at 4:00 pm, Scottsdale Police officers responded to reported animal cruelty at a residence near 90th St/Frank Lloyd Wright involving a dog owner allegedly abusing his two dogs.

“The officers met with the reporting parties and viewed the entire 1 minute, 11 second cell phone video, 12 seconds of which was later posted to social media. The video does not clearly depict animal cruelty or abuse,” the department said. “The officers spoke with the pet owner and were able to see the dogs personally and determine that they are, in fact, in good health and showed no signs of abuse.”

The Arizona Humane Society and Maricopa County Animal Care and Control responded to investigate as well and thus far all 3 agencies concluded there is no cause by law to remove the pets or arrest their owner. The Scottsdale Police Department has, in the meantime, forwarded the matter to the City Prosecutor for review of potential criminal charges.

“The Scottsdale Police Department investigates all allegations of abuse, of any kind, and does not take these matters lightly,” the department said.