Drunk driver hits Howard County police vehicle on Route 29

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COLUMBIA, MD – A Hoard County police officer had pulled her vehicle off to the side of Route 29 and turned on her emergency lights last weekend.  She was struck by another vehicle at a high rate of speed before the suspect fled the scene.  The suspect, whose name was not released by the department was later stopped by the Maryland State Police and arrested.   The officer was not injured in the crash.

“Another reminder to obey the “Move Over” law and, as always, drive sober. Over the weekend, an officer stopped her vehicle (with emergency lights activated) in the right lane of Route 29 in Columbia to assist a disabled motorist. Another vehicle then struck the patrol vehicle before fleeing. Thankfully, no one was injured,” the department said.  ” Maryland State Police located the striking vehicle a short distance away and arrested the driver for driving under the influence and hit & run.”

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Howard County Police asked to remind the public that the  “Move Over” law requires drivers approaching (from the rear) a vehicle with red, yellow or amber flashing lights that is stopped, standing, or parked along the highway to, when possible, move over a lane. If the driver is unable to make a lane change, the law requires drivers to slow to a reasonable and prudent speed that is safe for existing conditions while passing the emergency or service vehicles.

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