NJ Senator Tells Murphy: Stop dictating, start governing

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NJ Governor Phil Murphy
NJ Governor Phil Murphy

TRENTON, NJ –  Only a Sith deals in absolutes. That’s the message Obiwan Kenobi delivered to Anakin Skywalker before beating him down in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.   Earlier Anakin had told Obiwan, “If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy.”

Many in New Jersey are beginning to think Governor Phil Murphy is a Sith Lord, ruling his state empire with an iron fist.  If you’re not with Phil Murphy, then you’re against him and that is evident each day he delivers his mandate to the people of New Jersey, disguised as COVID-19 pandemic health briefings.

Now, one New Jersey Senator, Joe Pennacchio is telling Murphy to stop his tyrannical reign and to start governing the people of New Jersey.

Prior to Christmas, Murphy told people not to visit their parents, because holiday gatherings are deadly.

“You could be passing this on to your parents or your grandparents, and essentially, I hate to say it, killing them,” Murphy fear mongered the population.  While, yes, the risk of transmitting COVID-19, Pennachio doesn’t want to let Phil Murphy forget that he is responsible for the largest outbreak of COVID-19 with the largest body count.  In March, Murphy and Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli sent COVID-19 positive patients back to nursing homes.  It turns out, at the same time, Murphy was also dictating to those homes that staff could not wear face masks. It was the perfect storm of COVID-19 and ill-equipped workers that lead to the death of more than 7,000 people.

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“It’s no surprise that the Governor got it wrong. Young people are not killing their parents, but it may be time for the Governor to look in the mirror. His own administration directly contributed to the deaths of more than 7,100 grandparents in nursing homes,” Pennachio said. ““The lack of engagement by the Democrat Legislature has emboldened the Governor’s specious hyperbole, and this rhetorical blame game from the self-appointed captain of a rudderless ship does more harm than good.”

Pennachio said it’s time Murphy starts being a leader.

“At a time when the state needs leadership, not finger-pointing, he instead resorts to using disparaging terms to describe residents who don’t agree with his policies. Lead by example, not sound bites, Governor Murphy,” Pennachio said.