Sheriff Neil says farewell after eight years in office, replaced by gay woman he fired in 2017

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HAMILTON COUNTY, OH –  After eight years in office Sheriff Jim Neil is saying goodbye.

Sheriff Jim Neil stated, “It’s been an honor and pleasure to serve as your Sheriff for the past 8 years. Today, my last day in office, I look back at all we were able to accomplish. I’m extremely proud of the many collaborations we formed both with other law enforcement and community groups. I’m also proud of the dedicated men and women in our HCSO who serve our citizens valiantly every day. Thank you for everyone’s ongoing support. God bless you and your family, and stay safe!”

Neil will be replaced by Charmaine McGuffey, a Democrat he fired in 2017.  McGuffey defeated Republican Bruce Hoffbauer in the 2019 election 52% to 48%.  She will be the first female sheriff in Hamilton County.  McGuffey defeated Neil in the primary election with a 70% to 30% victory.   McGuffey served 30 years in law enforcement before being fired by Neil for ‘creating a hostile work environment’ in the county jail.  She claimed she was fired because she was an openly gay woman.




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