Watch: Car thief leads police on high speed chase, hid in recycling bin

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL –  A car thief who stole a Ford Escape, his first mistake, led police on a while chase and thought he was being slick after he ditched the car and hid in a recycling bin.  That was his second mistake. The only problem with his plan was that a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office chopper was tracking his every move from high in the sky.

“Aviation caught this arrest on camera, and you will never guess where the bad guy was hiding…a RECYCLING bin,” the department said. “On Saturday HCSO spotted a stolen black Ford Escape driving on 78th Street. The driver took off and tried to get away from our deputies. Aviation had eyes on him the whole time.  Keep watching because at 1:45 into the video you can see him jump in the recycling bin. This suspect was arrested without incident.”