Woman threw smoke bomb in man’s car in fit of road rage, brandished knife

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VISALIA, CA –  A woman who was in a fit of road rage after accidentally being cut off had some time to cool off in jail this weekend.  According to the Visalia Police Department, On January 2, 2021 at 12:08 PM, officers were dispatched to the area of Mooney and Beverly, for a report of a road rage incident.  Upon arrival, officers made contact with the victim. The victim said he was driving his gray Honda, in the area of Tulare and Mooney, when he accidentally cut off a female driving a silver Jeep. The driver of the Jeep, Alisa Flores, tried to run the Victim off the road and threw a lit smoke bomb into his vehicle.

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The victim pulled over and Flores got out of her vehicle brandishing a knife, making criminal threats. The victim’s family members attempted to detain Flores but she was able to flee. While investigating the incident, Flores returned to the scene to confront the victims a second time and officers arrested her. Flores will be booked at Tulare County Adult Pretrial Facility.

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