Jackson GOP Leader: Trump can get right the f*ck out of the party, calls Trump Supporters boot lickers


JACKSON, NJ – If you’re one the 19,880 people who voted for Donald Trump in Jackson Township, the Republican party’s top local official has news for you.  You’re a boot licker.

That’s the message this week for Trump supporters in Jackson Township after Wednesday’s protest at the U.S. Capitol turned violent by several within the building itself.

Ocean County has long been a Republican stronghold and in 2020, Jackson Township, where Jackson GOP club President Todd Porter presides was sixth in total votes statewide for the President.

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Trump defeated Joe Biden by a nearly two to one margin in Jackson Township, one of the last GOP strongholds in the predominantly blue state of New Jersey.   Porter was never a fan of Trump, in fact in 2016, during the county nominating convention which was a near sweep for the President, Porter allocated his delegated votes to each of the candidates running the Republican primary, one of only 3 town GOP clubs not to fully endorse Trump at the time.

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Now, with Trump on the ropes after Wednesday’s debacle, Porter went in for the kill.

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Keep crying. Your boy lost. He lost us, the Republican Party, the Senate. He’s pushing a coup and shitting on the Constitution,” Porter said of Trump. “He can get right the fuck out of this party.”