Emmy Winning New York Governor Cuomo Once Mocked Young Man Who Died of COVID-19


NEW YORK, NY – If anyone in politics portrays the role of the compassionate left better than anyone it’s New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  In fact, Cuomo won an Emmy award for his portrayal of a concerned and compassionate governor fighting the deadly virus to save millions of lives of his native New Yorkers.

Now, a viral video that was released back in May featuring New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is making rounds again on the internet after the governor was awarded an Emmy award for that performance.

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“There’s a video that went all over the place about a young guy who was in Florida and on he’s on the video saying only young guys get it,” Cuomo said laughing and chuckling.  “And now he’s dead.”

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The video was resurfaced earlier this year after Cuomo launched a tirade against the President, saying he’s not taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously on Monday.

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