Central American Caravan of 6,500 Violently Break Through Police Lines in Guatemala, Heading Towards U.S. Border

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A migrant caravan of 6,500 people heading north toward the U.S. border has broken through the border into Guatemala overnight and are continuing their journey.  When they arrive at the country’s southern border, their fate will be in the hands of soon-to-be President, Joe Biden.  Biden has made his stance on immigration well known. He wants to begin opening the borders.

“Unless your ancestors were native to these shores, or forcibly enslaved and brought here as part of our original sin as a nation, most Americans can trace their family history back to a choice–a choice to leave behind everything that was familiar in search of new opportunities and a new life,” Biden said.  “[Biden] understands that is an irrefutable source of our strength. Generations of immigrants have come to this country with little more than the clothes on their backs, the hope in their heart, and a desire to claim their own piece of the American Dream. It’s the reason we have constantly been able to renew ourselves, to grow better and stronger as a nation, and to meet new challenges.”

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Soon, a caravan of 6,500 with little more than clothes on their backs will be knocking on Biden’s door.

“Immigrants are essential to the strength of our country and the U.S. economy. When immigrants choose to come to the U.S., they bring their unique traditions and contributions to the rich cultural tapestry of our country. They are also a key driver of economic growth,” Biden said.



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