President Trump Pardons Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Former Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore has been pardoned tonight by President Donald J. Trump as one of his last acts of President of the United States.  Gilmore was waiting to serve a one year sentence for misrepresenting information on a bank loan after a multi-year political corruption investigation yielded no evidence for the Department of Justice.

The news may come as unsettling to many of the party elites who were dancing on Gilmore’s political grave for the past two years, in particular his new arch-nemesis, current chairman Frank B. Holman.  In recent months, Gilmore has been working behind the scenes to get back into party politics, often acting as defacto chairman in Holman’s many weeks long hunting trips to the American Midwest.

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Gilmore is seeking to retake his seat next year from currently sitting chairman Frank B. Holman.  The pardon gives Gilmore a clean slate to return to the head of the Ocean County GOP where despite his legal troubles over the past few years, much of the party remains loyal to him, dissatisfied with the leadership of Holman, whose primary focus has been securing millions of dollars in political contracts for his underlings.


George Gilmore – President Trump granted a full pardon to George Gilmore. This pardon is supported by Bill Stepien, former Governor Chris Christie, James McGreevey, James Florio, Donald DiFrancesco, John Bennett, Kimberly Guadagno, Thomas MacArthur, Gerald Cardinale, Michael Testa, Jr., David Avella, Joseph Buckelew, Lawrence Bathgate II, Larry Weitzner, and Adam Geller.  Mr. Gilmore was convicted for failure to pay payroll taxes and false statements.  Mr. Gilmore has made important civic contributions over his career in New Jersey.

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