Ronna McDaniel Rips Gretchen Whitmer After Michigan Fines Restaurant Owner $30,000 for Serving Food

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CALUMET, MI – Ronna McDaniel, the head of the Republican National Committee today ripped Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer after Whitmer traveled to Washington, D.C. for the mostly private inauguration of President Joe Biden.  The statement comes after Whitmer fined a woman-owned small business $30,000 for the horrific crime of…serving food.

“While Gretchen Whitmer thinks she’s fine to travel halfway across the country to celebrate DC politicians, her lockdowns are destroying Michigan’s small businesses,” McDaniel said.

The Republican State Leadership Committee said this of Maxwell, “Democrat @GovWhitmer hits a Michigan restaurant owner with over $30k in fines. Her crime? Operating her business to keep it from going under. Democrats haven’t just abandoned our small businesses. They’re actively trying to ruin them!”

Amy Heikkinen, owner of Cafe Rosetta in Calumet was served with a restraining order and slapped with a $30,000 fine after she disobeyed Whitmer’s order in order to save her restaurant and not go out of business.

Heikkinen said because of the Governor’s lockdown, her sales were down drastically in 2020 and when Whitmer declared “take out only”, she began losing as much as 60% of her sales.

So, she reopened her indoor dining in violation of Whitmer’s executive order saying in an interview on the Kyle Olsen Show, “I believe it’s my right to work, it’s my individual responsibility to take care of myself and my family.”

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