Red Flag: Manbun Groom Nearly Knocks Out Bride With Wedding Cake Right Hook

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If there’s one day in your life that you’re almost guaranteed to get lucky, it’s your wedding night…and possibly the next 7 days of your honeymoon.  But for Manbun Mike, who went a little too far on his wedding day with his bride, he might be waiting a little bit longer.   The groom in this now-viral video took the whole wedding cake melee thing too far when he took the entire cake and right hooked it right into his new bride’s face, nearly knocking her down.  Manbun Mike wins our “Red Flag” award, meaning, that if his actions on his wedding day isn’t a glaring red flag for his bride, we’re not sure what it is.  Till death do us part…or until that MF smashes a cake in my face on the biggest day of my life?  I guess time will tell.

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