Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Champion of Mail-In Elections, Now Balking at Mail-In Unionization Election Within His Own Company

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BESSEMER, AL – Jeff Bezos and Amazon know mail-in voting is susceptible to voter fraud and error.  That’s why he and his company are now trying to appeal to the National Labor Relations Board to stop the vote by minimum wage company workers to unionionize.   Amazon claims mail-in voting has  “serious and systemic flaws”.  Incidentally, Bezos also owns the very liberal leaning Washington Post that dismissed Presiden Trump’s claims last summer arguing the same points about mail-in ballots during a Presidential election.

In fact, Bezos and the Washington Post said mail-in election flaws alleged by the President were a flat out myth.

Now that Trump is gone, Biden is in and his workforce is looking to unionize, Bezos is engaged in what is nothing more than an attempt to union bust and prevent his workers from holding their unionization vote.

Lat week, the NLRB agreed to let the mail-in vote go on. Bezos, balked and is now asking the NLRB to force a postponement of the scheduled February 8th election. The vote will decided the future fate of Amazon employees and if successful, will allow the workers to form a union.  Bezos, a liberal Democrat, of course, doesn’t want his own employees unionizing.   He also didn’t want his Whole Foods employees to unionize back in 2018 either after his company bought the grocery giant.

Instead, Amazon wants its employees, during the midst of a pandemic and during what the company itself calls a local outbreak after 218 of the  7,575 employees contract COVID-19 this month, to wait it out and make their vote at a later date.


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