Animal House Leftist Boomer Bigot Tim Matheson Pulls Back Racist Rant Against Melania Trump

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You may remember Tim Matheson from the 1970’s movie Animal House.  Unless you’re in your 60’s or 70’s, you might not. He played a character named “Otter” in that movie. Now 74, Matheson made a racist boomer joke against the former U.S. First Lady Melania Trump.  The left is the side of inclusion and diversity, that’s why mostly everyone on both sides of the aisle were shocked and surprised when he tweeted, “so wonderful to have a First Lady with class and heart. And, can speak English!”

“This morning I made a hasty and stupid joke about the former First Lady. It wasn’t funny, and it was in poor taste. It was regretful and humorless and I apologize,” said afterward, leaving out sexist and xenophobic.

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