Did CNN remove COVID-19 ticker after Joe Biden Inauguration?

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Fox News Host Tucker Carlson this week noted that “CNN dutifully removed their COVID-19 ticker” immediately after the inauguration of Joe Biden.  Carlson used the statement along with a screenshot of a CNN broadcast without the ticker.  He gave the impression that now that Biden is President of the United States, CNN will no longer report on COVID-19 cases and deaths.

CNN said that claim was false.

“It’s Joe Biden’s first day in office and you know what that means: CNN can finally take that COVID death-ticker off the screen. There’s no reason for it now,” Carlson claimed.

Last night on his program @TuckerCarlson  again lied to his audience about CNN, stating we’d “dutifully removed” the COVID-19 tracking graphic from our coverage now that President Biden has taken office. That is false. We look forward to his correction tonight,” CNN communications wrote in a statement. “The same claim was made right after the election. It was a lie then too.”

At the time of this writing, on Saturday, the ticker was prominently displayed on the network’s weekend broadcast.

Fox News’ claim has been proven to be false, but CNN did continue their 24-7 gushing over President Joe Biden as stated earlier that night on the network’s show, “The Five”.