After killing tens of thousands of U.S. energy jobs, Biden says “Buy American”

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President Joe Biden today announced his new “Buy in America” plan to support manufacturers and businesses.  The plan calls the federal government to only spend money with American manufacturers.  This comes days after Biden launched an assault on American jobs in the oil, coal and natural gas industries.   Thousands of jobs are now on the line as American companies in the near future might have to depend on foreign energy to run their businesses.

“Today, while many American businesses are on the brink of having to close their doors because of the crises that our country faces, President Biden will sign an Executive Order to support manufacturers, businesses, and workers to ensure that our future is made in all of America by all of America’s workers,” Biden said. “With this order, President Biden is ensuring that when the federal government spends taxpayer dollars they are spent on American made goods by American workers and with American-made component parts. This Executive Order fulfills President Biden’s promise to make Buy American real and close loopholes that allow companies to offshore production and jobs while still qualifying for domestic preferences.”

Biden did not say whether or not the buy American plan will extend to son Hunter Biden who has financial business ties to companies abroad, some with ties to the Communist Party in China.

“President Biden’s executive action will ensure that the federal government is investing taxpayer dollars in American businesses—both small and large,” the press release issued today said. “These investments will help create well-paid, union jobs, and build our economy back better so that everybody has a fair shot at the middle class. They will buy from all of America—including minority entrepreneurs and businesses in every region in our country. And, they will support the manufacturing capabilities and technology needed to build a clean energy future and strengthen our national security, and give our workers and companies the tools they need to compete globally for decades to come.”

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This executive action is a part of the President’s broader commitment to increase investments in manufacturing industries and workers in order to “Build Back Better”. The President is committed to working on a bipartisan basis to advance this work, including with members of Congress who have been leaders on Buy American and Buy America for years.