Guy who sells pillows is now American Democracy’s biggest threat, according to the left

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CHASKA, MN – If you didn’t see where all of this was going a few weeks ago, maybe you’ll get a clearer picture when you realize that a man who sells pillows on cable tv has been deemed an enemy of the state.  MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has made the Democrat and Big Tech naughty list, a list that is almost like the list of “communists” during America’s dark McCarthyism days.

Before we go on, if you disagree with cancel culture and big tech’s censorship of the right, go buy his pillows!

Yes, you heard it right, the MyPillow guy is a threat to American Democracy and freedom, not because he shagged a Chinese spy, like Congressman Eric Swalwell.  It’s also not because his son is in bed with foreign business interests.  It’s not even because he colluded with the FBI to create a fake Russian dossier to overthrow the President of the United States.

It’s because he believes Donald J. Trump is the victim of voter fraud.

Of course, we may never know if Trump was the victim of voter fraud, he was denied to hear his case in court numerous times.

This week, Twitter took justice into their own hands once again and banned Lindell, part of their effort to silence people like him who may believe there was some malarkey going on behind the scenes during the 2020 election.  President Trump never presented a good legal case to support his claims.  Democrats however have also skirted the discussion, leaving people who follow Trump to be even more suspicious.

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Now, as big tech silences Democrat opposition in the name of, well, you know, unity, those who believe in the Trump message grow even more suspicious.

Democrats once again fell in line with cancel culture and a movement was started to punish Lindell and his employees financially.  So far, like the Goya boycott of 2020 that turned into a boycott, people who never thought about buying a MyPillow product are flocking to the company’s Facebook page in droves.

This week, MyPillow’s Facebook page saw a 10% increase in new followers, up 25,000 to 289,000.  Engagement on the page was an astronomical 1.9 million engagements.

Want to support Lindell? Show the left that they can’t kill any American business just because they disagree with their horrible politics.