NY Attorney General wants to know what the hell happened with Robinhood today

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NEW YORK, NY – The battle between David and Goliath raged this morning on Wall Street today. That is until Wall Street pulled the plug and de-platformed David to protect the hedge funds.

After a battle over GameStop’s stock purchases, the trading app Robinhood stopped allowing retail traders to buy shares of GameStop.

New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement in regards to recent activity related to the Robinhood application and the trading of GameStop stock, “We are aware of concerns raised regarding activity on the Robinhood app, including trading related to the GameStop stock. We are reviewing this matter.”

Were crimes committed?  One day trader thinks so.

Not really understand what happened? Here’s ‘small guy’ daytrader ambassador Dave Portnoy’s take on it:


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