The Flying Rat: Biden Climate Tzar John Kerry wants you to drive an electric car, but owns his own private jet

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WASHINGTON, DC – It was a great four years without having to see John Kerry’s face.  But, thanks to Joe Biden, he’s back and serving as the President’s special envoy on climate change.

John Kerry wants Americans to believe that we are all evil for consuming fossil fuel.  We are evil for not walking, biking or carpooling to work as we pollute the skies, killing future generations of Americans.  We are evil for not buying electric cars from Tesla so Nancy Pelosi can one day sell her Tesla stock for a huge profit.

What John Kerry doesn’t want you to know is that he and his family own their own private jet-fuel guzzling, emissions spewing jet.

Thanks to Fox News, who Kerry and the Democrats are trying to deplatform, a report released by the network shows Kerry’s family owns a Gulfstream Aerospace Jet…and a private jet charter company.  Kerry’s own wife, how could she, and her family own a private jet charter company called Flying Squirrel, LLC.

Kerry’s private jet is a 1995 Gulfstream G-IV multi-engine jet that seats 22.  It’s powered by a Rolls Royce 611SER  turbo that packs 12,450 pounds of thrust to jet Kerry to and from his global climate meetings in style.

But wait, it doesn’t end there. Kerry is also a part-owner in the company.  According to his financial disclosures, show he and his wife own $1,000,001 in assets with that company.

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The name of the company is Flying Squirrel, but for his part in trying to fleece the American people, Kerry is a flying rat.