AOC Blames Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for the rise of white supremacy on Facebook

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NEW YORK, NY – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has blamed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for the violent unrest on January 6th that led to the death of two police officers and nearly her own death.  Cortez, who says she was in fear of her life during the Capitol siege thought she wasn’t going to make it out alive.  Previously, Cortez had blamed House Republicans, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz for what she calls her “attempted assassination”, but today expanded the suspect list to include Zuckerberg.

“The egged this on every step of the way because they thought it would win them a freaking election,” Cortez said in an Instagram live video on Monday.  “Now, we have to clean up the mess of a radicalized…and Mark Zuckerberg too. Mark Zuckerberg created recommendation engines just funneling millions of people into White Supremacist groups and organizations…he recommended it. He built the platform for it, he accelerated this.”

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Cortez named U.S. Senator Ted Cruz an accomplice.

“They created this mess. They created this violence for short term game,” she said. “Knowing the long term loss and the long term cost.”

She added, that all Americans who do not denounce Trump and the January 6th uprising will not learn until they experience, “long-term consequences”.

“That’s why they gotta go and that’s why they need to experience long-term consequences because consequences are the only way they will stop,” she added. “They need to go, they need to get out.”

Cortez said if Ted Cruz doesn’t resign, she called upon Texans to “take him out the old fashioned way”, meaning through an election.