Snow Shoveling Dispute Leaves Three Dead in Pennsylvania

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LUZERNE COUNTY, PA – This week’s passing snowstorm gave neighbors across the Mid Atlantic and Northeast United States a chance to get outside of their house and reconnect with neighbors, but in Pennsylvania that encounter turned deadly.

Police here responded to a call on Monday to find three people shot dead, saying the violence was the result of a possible snow shoveling dispute.

Fox Channel 8 reported that at 9:30 am neighbors watching the event called 9-1-1 as they were getting ready to start their own shoveling.  An argument was heard, followed by at least a dozen gunshots, neighbors said.

Two of the victims were a husband and wife and a third person opened fire on the couple before taking their own life. Two guns were used, police said, a rifle and a handgun, both by the attacker.

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