Brookfield Police Department Announces New Plan to Use Social Media To Reach Community

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BROOKFIELD, OH – The Brookfield Police Department today announced they will be utilizing social media as a way to connect to more residents and better inform the community.

“In an effort to better serve the residents of Brookfield Township, we are going to try our best to utilize social media more so than we have in the past. It is one of the fastest ways to disseminate information to the public and may help us gain important information when needed,” the department said. “We will prioritize and do our best to keep the community informed of current events and important incidents as soon as possible when we are able. Understand that it will not be top priority during critical incidents, and will only be done so when appropriate, however, we do realize that it is important to keep you informed.”

The department is hoping the increased social media presence will allow police to more quickly inform the community about ongoing incidents and other events of concern to the general public.

“With increased social media interaction we hope to be able to relay information to you to keep you safe and aware of ongoing incidents that you may otherwise be unaware of. In return, we hope that you too will interact with our page more and assist us in solving crimes and identifying persons of interest. Our inbox is also open for tips, suggestions, and any information you feel may be important,” the department added. “We really hope that this will improve our service to you, improve our community relations, and help to make our department and township better overall.”

Keep in mind that this page is not monitored 24/7 and you should call 911 during emergencies. The non-emergency number for Trumbull County Dispatch is 330-675-2730. Anonymous tips can be left 24/7 at 330-969-1110.
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