A new alternative to Snopes has launched, promising non-politically biased fact checking “for the other half” of America

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NEW YORK, NY – For years, SNOPES.Com and FactChecker.org have dominated the media and social media fact-checking industry and recently, social media giant Facebook has joined the pack, leaving half people in America sometimes scratching their heads about whether these fact-checkers funded by big tech are fact-checking or fact-hiding.

The left-leaning media fact-checking wing has itself often crossed lines crossed the line to protect political interests or downplay the truth, often rigorously fact-checking their opponents with a heavy arsenal of weapons and snowball fact-checking their allies.

Fact-checking has become a partisan game in the modern age and internet startup Not Exactly News which is a new independent fact-checker operated in partnership with Shore News Network, a New Jersey-based news provider since 2008.

“When you have one side of a political spectrum controlling the fact-checking industry in America, it lessens the credibility overall of the entire fact-checking game,” SNN said in a statement. “Not Exactly News is going to try to balance that out with hard-hitting fact-checking that has no interest in making friends on either side of the political aisle.  Everyone is fair game and likewise, everyone is innocent until fact-checked as guilty.”

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NotExactlyNews is currently in early beta and is expected to release in full this spring. You can check out the progress as notexactly.news.

“We’re going to get to the very bottom of big tech censorship, the fact-checking industry, and of course do regular fact-checking,” the website promised.