Americans are out of work, the pandemic is raging, but Democrats insist impeachment of Trump top priority for America

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The second impeachment of President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, February 9th as Americans remain out of work, politicians bicker over a third stimulus package and COVID-19 continues to rage across America.   Did we say there’s also a vaccine shortage in America?

Yet the biggest concern this week for Democrats in Washington, D.C. is to make sure former President Donald J. Trump faces an impeachment trial.

It’s unsure how long the trial will last, but you can be sure, less will get done in Congress during the trial than has been done since this new Congress took over back in January.

The Democrats argue that President Trump collaborated with and incite the January 6th incursion at the U.S. Capitol building. Trump and his lawyers deny that charge, claiming the entire impeachment is nothing but a politically driven exercise to legally bar him from running for future office, a scenario that scares Democrats to death.

Last month, insurrectionists attacked our Capitol & democracy, threatening Members, police, staff & support workers who make our country run. To our Capitol community, I’m inspired by your strength & patriotic service. We will have justice,” said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats want to end the Trump legacy once and for all, and apparently at all costs.

“Republicans are trying to sweep this under the rug,” said New York Senator Chuck Schumer.  “Everyone saw what Donald Trump did. It’s in full view to everybody, and I believe he should be convicted. I have no doubt about it.”

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Trump last week said the entire process was unconstitutional.

He alleged that the impeachment hearing against him is nothing more than a political hit job and a partisan sham after Democrats appointed a partisan politician with an axe to grind against the President after Chief Justice Roberts refused to preside over the impeachment.

The Chief Justice of the United States is not set to preside over the proceedings contemplated by the Senate, as he would be constitutionally required to do if the House was seeking to have the president removed from office under Art. I, Sec 3, Cl. 6 of the United States Constitution.

In January, the Supreme Court said Justice Roberts would not preside over the hearing, as required by the Consitution of the United States. Instead, Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy will be the judge presiding over the hearing and according to his past rhetoric against Trump has no ability to be fair or impartial.

“I consider holding the office of the president pro tempore and the responsibilities that come with it to be one of the highest honors and most serious responsibilities of my career,” Leahy said. “When I preside over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, I will not waiver from my constitutional and sworn obligations to administer the trial with fairness, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws.”