Jacksonville Sheriff Says “Move Over” After Three Officers Hurt in Avoidable Crashes

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JACKSONVILLE, FL – After three Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department officers were injured in separate crashes, Sheriff Mike Williams’ office today reminded motorists to move over when they see an emergency vehicle on the roadway.
Florida law requires you to Move Over a lane — when you can safely do so — for stopped law enforcement, emergency, sanitation, utility service vehicles and tow trucks or wreckers. If you can’t move over — or when on a two-lane road — slow to a speed that is 20 mph less than the posted speed limit.
“This weekend, three JSO officers were transported to local hospitals with injuries sustained from traffic crashes. All three incidents could have been prevented had drivers paid attention to their surroundings,” Williams’ office said today.  “The MOVE OVER law means just that – MOVE OVER for stopped law enforcement, emergency, sanitation, utility service vehicles, and tow trucks/wreckers. If you cannot safely MOVE OVER, slow to 20mph below the posted speed limit.”
In one incident, pictured above, the officer was blocking the interstate to prevent drivers from hitting the deer. A driver failed to move over and struck the officer’s vehicle.
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