Bucco stands up for high school sports parents locked out of watching their children

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New Jersey Senator Anthony Bucco has stood up from the crowd and is asking that Governor Murphy start allowing parents into sporting events to watch their children compete.

Noting the heightened importance of family bonds during the stressful pandemic, Senator Anthony M. Bucco called on the Governor to allow the parents of high school and youth athletes to be spectators at indoor events.

“We should be encouraging parents to support their student-athletes and cheer them on from a distance,” said Bucco (R-25). “By following common-sense precautions, social distancing, and wearing masks, a limited number of family members would be able to enjoy games without risk of spreading the virus.

“Parents find it difficult to believe that they are permitted to watch their kids skate at the rink, but the rules are different for school sports. Like so many other examples, the Governor’s policies don’t make any sense when it comes to allowing parents to be present at indoor high school and youth sports games.  With a few common-sense precautions, this can be accomplished quickly and safely for the benefit of our student-athletes and families.”

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