Why Did Phil Murphy Appoint a New Yorker to the Tidal Resource Board? O’Scanlan Cries Foul

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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – A New Yorker has been appointed to fill a 7-year vacancy on the New Jersey Tidelands Resource Council and New Jersey Senator Declan O’Scanlon asked Governor Murphy why he didn’t appoint a local resident to that board.

It’s like inviting a Mets fan over to watch the Yankees game with you. It’s like asking China to give your son a job. It’s like inviting your wife’s lover out to bowl with you and the guys.  There are just things in life you just don’t do and this is one of them.

Senator O’Scanlon likened the appointment to filling a zoning board with someone from a neighboring town: unnecessary, posing conflicts, and concerning to residents who live in coastal areas.

“It has come to my attention that you recently appointed a New York resident to be a member of the State commission (Tidelands Resource Council) that controls certain state lands that are rented, used by, or neighbor millions of New Jersey residents in coastal counties and other counties,” Oscanlon said in a letter to the Governor.  “The appointment of any New Yorker to this particular board seems inappropriate for several reasons. First, clearly we could find someone in New Jersey who would love the opportunity to be on the Tidelands Resource Council. Second, New York has occasionally clashed with New Jersey over its use of riparian lands, with New York having even filed legal challenges against the State in efforts to secure our tidal lands of Ellis Island.”

“Finally, the tens of thousands of residents who rent land from the Tidelands Resource Council would undoubtedly have more faith in a board made up of their fellow New Jersey citizens,” O’Scanlon said. “I mean no disrespect to the nominee. But this particular board is not one that lends itself to having a New Yorker as a member. It would be like putting someone on a planning board of one town who lives in the neighboring one. It isn’t necessary. It can pose conflicts. And those whose lands would be regulated would be justifiably concerned. For that reason, I am asking you to consider withdrawing the nominee from this particular board and perhaps find one that is more suitable.”

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