YouTube Travelers Kara and Nate Visit Abandoned Mining Town Cerro Gordo

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CERRO GORDO, CA – It’s one of the most remote places in America, but Brent Underwood thought it would be a great idea to buy an abandoned ghost town and mine for $1.4 million.  Now, he’s trying to rebuild it to its former glory and attract adventure tourists.

Two such adventure tourists are Kara and Nate Buchanan, the adorably cute couple who runs a YouTube Channel “Kara and Nate” which is followed by millions worldwide.  The couple, prior to the pandemic traveled the world making videos.  When COVID-19 hit they began traveling across the United States in a modified Sprinter Van.

On this week’s episode, they visited Underwood’s abandoned ghost town in Cerro Gordo and even got to sleep in a building Underwood claims ‘is haunted’.

Cerro Gordo was founded in 1865 and has been abandoned for 100 years. It was once one of California’s largest mining towns, located just west of Death Valley. It was a silver mine that operated for about two decades.  After the silver ran out, miners looked for zinc.  Underwood bought the entire town with buildings and items intact.  The entire town is situated over 336 acres and includes several original buildings, a general store, a butcher shop and other buildings and homes, including a brothel.


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