Irrelevant, Angry Hillary Clinton Goes Batty on Trump Impeachment Rant


NEW YORK, NY- An angry, bitter and irrelevant Hillary Clinton who lost to President Donald J. Trump in the 2016 Presidential election has gone on a vicious and erratic tirade on Twitter.

“Fulfill your oath. Convict him. Disqualify him from using the power of elected office to incite deadly insurrection again!” Clinton barked on Twitter. “The insurrection isn’t over. “In Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country, the assault on American democracy that began on January 6 rages on!”

Old Hillary even went as far as to slam Republicans who know the impeachment trial is unconstitutional, but the constitution was never a concern of hers or Bill’s during the presidency. Clinton is still reeling, some five years later from her defeat against Trump.

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Clinton, 73, has launched a podcast, or as the boomers call it, that radio like thingy in the interweb.



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