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According to CNN, 90% of America’s Crime is Being Committed by Donald J. Trump

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.  So is Post Traumatic Trump Syndrome and both diseases are on full display over at the CNN crime newsdesk where for the past twenty-four hours, ninety percent of all crime and police news coverage at the network has been related to Trump.

Heading over to the CNN crime and justice page is like walking into a stalker’s bedroom who has pictures of their victim placed on walls and ceilings with their name carved into every carvable surface and lifelike dolls with their victim’s face superimposed on them.

It’s actually quite frightening.

No crime is being committed in America since Trump’s impeachment acquittal except for those crimes committed by Trump and his Republican partners in crime.

CNN has gone unhinged.  It’s hard to imagine what CNN would look like today if it wasn’t for the former President’s name keeping them afloat day after day, nearly a month after he ceased being President.





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