Snow plow eats car trying to pass it, Tulsa police say “Please, don’t”


TULSA, OK -A driver in a rush here in Tulsa thought it would be a great idea to pass an operating snowplow.  Tulsa police said it wasn’t such a great idea.

“Earlier a car collided with one of the City’s trucks, the drivers of the plows tell us that people are following them very closely,” the department said in a statement. “Please make sure to give all of the crews working plenty of room, we don’t want to see anyone hurt and we need all of those trucks to stay operational.”

Police advise residents to stay in their homes and not travel during extreme inclimate weather to avoid being crushed by a snow plow.

“The driver of the SUV was attempting to pass the truck when they lost control, hit the curb, then hit with the plow on the front of the truck,” the department said. “These multi-ton vehicles are the whales of the road and cannot stop on a dime…someone will have to fact check that, can whales stop on a dime?”

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