Three Shot Dead in Baltimore in One Hour Period Friday Night as Scott Talks Police “Equity”

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Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott
Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott

BALTIMORE, MD – Three men were shot dead on the streets of Baltimore Friday night and several others were wounded as crime in Baltimore surges out of control.

A few days earlier, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott issued his mayoral transition report that gave few in the city any hope that he can stop the violence.

What is Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott’s Plan to Reduce the Murder Rate?

Instead, Scott detailed liberal talking points, instead focusing his sights on the Baltimore Police Department and not the rising rate of gun crime and murder plaguing the city.

The primary goal for Scott is to keep tabs on the Baltimore Police Department

“Being held accountable for actions that are unlawful or otherwise not in line with BPD policies. The Administration’s data initiatives must also tie back to accountability, for example, by ensuring BPD uses crime data to inform decisions about deployment, action, and equitable distribution of resources,” Scott said in his transition report. “Transparent use of data will allow residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to see what progress is being made to reduce crime and assist in improving city services in their communities.”

Meanwhile, young black men across Baltimore will continue to be murdered each day while Scott and his team look over reports and scour data.

Reports, analysis and more reports on crime in Baltimore

“It is critical that the City track where, when, and how crime occurs, while also analyzing that data to identify trends and better allocate resources—something at which Baltimore has excelled. To accomplish this, the Administration should rebuild BPD programs that track
crime data and bring those programs into alignment with other city government programs that track performance data,” Scott said in his report.

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The mayor does not need fancy reports or months of internal auditing to see where crime is happening in Baltimore, it’s all over the city and all he has to do is call the police department and ask them where they’re finding the most dead bodies, then allocate resources.

Instead, Scott, sitting in his office in city hall has firmly entrenched himself as another Baltimore bureaucrat and not the savior of the community that he promised 2020.

Baltimore Mayor Scott’s 9 Step Plan to “Talk About” reducing crime in the city

Scott’s 9-step plan to end violent crime in Baltimore includes building a team to talk about violent crime, partner with local civic groups, create a gun violence reduction strategy, talk to the community about gun violence, create a task force to concentrate on high crime areas, create a task force to deal with structural racism, create a board of residents to discuss gun violence and continue the newly established Office of Neighborhood Safety.

And people will continue to die unless Scott and his Democrats start addressing the key issues that negatively affect the residents of Baltimore.  Brandon needs to create more financial opportunities, improve education and give young kids a better path to success citywide than they have today.

None of Brandon’s crime fighting measures address the core problems the city and its residents face.