Portland is officially a third-world country after food insecure public clashes over spoiled food in dumpster

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PORTLAND, OR – The City of Portland, Oregon has officially become a third-world banana republic after an angry mob tried to overrun supermarket employees discarding spoiled food during a power outage.  It’s a headline most Americans over the age of 30 thought they would never see in their lifetime, but this is what is happening today in liberal outposts across the nation.

Those who were fighting to get to the food say it should have been free for the taking once discarded by the store.

The City of Portland, since May of 2020 has been occupied and at times overrun by leftist insurgants loyal to the progressive extremists within the Democrat party and President Joe Biden.  Portland was once considered one of the most beautiful cities on America’s Pacific west coast.  Now, it has become a battleground where progressive leftists fight the government on a daily basis.  Those left-wing warriors are also running out of food.

On Tuesday, at about 4:00p.m., a call came in at a grocery store in the 3000 block of Northeast Weidler Street regarding a group of people arguing with employees and refusing to leave the property. The power was out and employees were discarding spoiled food. People in the crowd took exception to their work. Initially, no officers were available to respond.

“At about 4:17 p.m., an employee called back because they felt the situation was escalating and feared there may be a physical confrontation,” Portland police reported. “The crowd grew to about 20 people and the employee calling wanted police to remove the people from store property. At about 4:30p.m., North Precinct officers arrived and gathered information from the store representative.”

The position of the employees of the store was that the food was spoiled and required to be disposed of due to lack of refrigeration. The food was unfit for consumption or donation. Officers also tried to explain this to the group of people. No subject in the crowd was willing to have an open dialogue with the officers and continued to shout insults at them and store employees.

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As it was private property, the officers asked the group to leave store property or risk potential arrest for trespassing. People in the crowd slowly moved away. Officers’ interest in this call was to preserve peace, prevent violence, and restore order. Officers estimated the crowd grew to about 50 people.

Between about 5:05p.m. and 5:15p.m., there were the most officers on scene. One lieutenant, one sergeant, six officers, and three trainees (who were there with their training officers). Most were there for about 10 minutes. Three officers (plus one trainee) were there for the duration of the call, which lasted about an hour.

Officers left the scene once they believed parties were separated and there was no longer any threat of harm. After officers left, employees called to report people in the crowd moved back onto store property and were confronting employees again. Store employees reported that people in the crowd were making threatening statements to them. Police supervisors decided that unless there was an imminent threat to life or threat of serious injury, police would remain away. Police did not return to the scene.