Since Biden Took Office, ICE Has Stopped Publicly Reporting Criminal Deportation of Illegal Aliens

EL PASO, TX – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has ceased publishing regularly occurring deportations of criminal illegal aliens. Prior to the inauguration of President Joe Biden, ICE published reports weekly detailing the arrests and deportation of criminal illegal aliens.

Since the inauguration, ICE has ceased reporting on those incidents.  The last reported criminal deportation was on January 19th when the Minnesota ICE office removed a fugitive wanted in El Salvador.

We reached out to the department for clarification and did not receive any response.

Instead, ICE’s news portal reports on captured domestic sex offenders. child exploitation and ‘sim swapping attacks‘ against celebrities.

On February 9th, ICE reported the arrest of a Houston man for smuggling 119 undocumented illegal immigrants, dropping the “Illegal Alien” term used by past administrations.



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