Crime in Ocean County: Here’s who was booked at the Ocean County Jail This Week

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TOMS RIVER, NJ –  Did you know Ocean County is the last county where the jail regularly posts inmate check-ins and mug shots?  In recent years, most other counties stopped sharing criminal data with the public, but thanks to apps like Jailbase, in Ocean County you can see who checks in and out.   Here’s a list of inmates at the Ocean County Jail with new check-ins between Monday and Wednesday.  Please note, not all of the bookings mean a new crime has been committed.  Some re-entries can be because of sentencing, pre-trial violations, other warrants, unpaid fines, and a host of other variables.  The information on this list was obtained from the Ocean County Jail.  Please send corrections to news@shorenewsnetwork.com.

Here’s who checked into the Ocean County Jail this week:

February 17th

  • Darren Brown – Parole violation
  • Thomas Cavanaugh – Drug possession/paraphernalia
  • Andre Hage – Burglary, aggravated assault, unlawful weapon
  • Devon Morgan – Credit card theft
  • Ed Sampson – Theft by unlawful taking
  • Felix Serrano – Sex assault, child under 4, aggravated sex assault child under 13
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February 16th

  • William Andrews – Threat to kill, aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of an incompetent person
  • Brandon Duhigg – Alarming conduct, contempt – violate order
  • Adam Laczny – Driving on the revoke list
  • Jean Maldonado-Vergne – Attempt to cause known bodily injury to another
  • James Newcome – Burglary and theft
  • George Petrovsky – Unlawful possession of weapon/handgun
  • Devin Post – possession, aggravated assault, strangulation
  • Amanda Shockley – possesion

February 15th

  • Jason Barone – obstruction, threat to kill, unlawful taking
  • John Penagakos – Burglary
  • Dennis Tomala-Averos – Attempt to cause bodily injury to another
  • Ervinas Verenis – Attempt to cause bodily injury to another
  • Kasiem Davis – Attempt to cause bodily injury to another (Feb 14)