Did DWI Rocker Bruce Springsteen Get COVID-19 Vaccine in Ocean County Ahead of Your Grandma and Grandpa?

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – If you’re like every other Ocean County resident trying to get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment for yourself, your aging parents or grandparents, you know first hand how difficult it is to do.  With a nationwide vaccine shortage, the Ocean County Health Department and other vaccine distributors have been keeping waiting lists for those who are most in need of the vaccine.  Many of the county’s senior citizens spend their days calling the dozen or so vaccine providers hoping and praying that a vaccine appointment becomes available before they contract the virus.

That is unless your name is Bruce Springsteen, the Asbury Park rocker who made headlines last week for a DWI charge last November in Sandy Hook, so some in the town and county are saying this week.

According to multiple high-level sources in the Ocean County government, Springsteen not only received his first COVID-19 vaccination at the Toms River High School North clinic, he did not even have to go inside, like other residents to get his shot.

“Bruce Springsteen showed up at Toms River North and got a curbside COVID-19 vaccination,” the source who wished to remain anonymous said today. “It’s not fair that we’re sitting here telling vulnerable senior citizens who live in our county they can’t get their vaccine, but Springsteen can pull up in his limo and get curbside service.  He doesn’t even live in Ocean County.”

Ocean County requires those who receive vaccinations to maintain residence within the county.

“The Ocean County Health Department COVID-19 vaccination clinic is restricted to Ocean County residents,” a warning on the Ocean County Health Department says when registering online to make an appointment.

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We reached out to Daniel Regeneye, Director of the Ocean County Health Department, and Carl Block, the Business Administrator for Ocean County, but did not receive a return call.

Springsteen was not the only person to get bumped ahead of the line.  One Ocean County official claims several out-of-county police officers and political figures also received vaccinations out of turn at the Ocean County clinic.

So far, we have been unable to definitely fact-check this claim, but that’s because Ocean County officials are not answering questions, so for now, we’re giving this rumor a “Maybe”.