Nothing says “I Love You” more than bag of meth and pointing a laser at police helicopter


VERO BEACH, FL — Days before Vero Beach was to host a four-day drive-in laser light show, a man armed with a bag of heroin decided to put on his own laser light show.  Police say Stephen Gladu, 33, of Riverview ended his Valentine’s Day with a laser of love pointed at an Indian County Sheriff’s Office helicopter.

“Gladu decided to spend it shining a laser at one of our birds while he had a baggie of meth in his pocket. I glad you lead us right to yourself Steve,”  said Sheriff Eric Flowers.

Lasers are red, police are blue. Point one at them and they’ll come for you

Shortly after midnight on Valentine’s Day,  a ground unit responded to the 3700 block of 74th Ave. after being requested by pilot Dep. Klassen. Klassen told deputies on the ground he was hit three times with a green laser pointer, not the traditional red.  The pilot said the laster blinded his flying capabilities.

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“Eventually, we caught up with Stevie around 74th Ave. and 26th St,” Sheriff Flowers said. “Wait, it gets cuter, he said he and a passenger were watching stars. I guess meth does that, too?”

When asked about the laser pointer Gladu said he was just pointing it around. Gladu faces charges of possession of a controlled substance and misuse of a laser pointer.

“Glad you were able to help us get drugs out of our county,” Flowers said.

Indian River Fairgrounds Light Show

By the way, the Vero Beach laser light show, the real one starts tonight, presented by Cabin Fever at the Indian River Fairgrounds.  Showtimes are 7 and 9 pm nowt through the 21st.

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