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Here’s who checked into the Ocean County Jail this weekend

TOMS RIVER, NJ –  The following is a list of individuals that have been booked into the Ocean County Jail between Friday and Sunday.  Those identified here have either been booked on new charges, or re-entered into the system due to a conviction for violation of a previous release.  Not all crimes listed are necessarily newly committed crimes.


  • Rebecca Ehrhardt – possession cds
  • Eric St. Hilaire – Knowingly receiving stolen property
  • Jeremy Long – Robbery, offensive touching, criminal mischief
  • Michael Lugo – Possession cds
  • John Marinos – Burglary, entering
  • Amanda Centanni – Obstruction of law, possession of hypodermic syringes


  • Steven Knierim – Aggravated assault/domestic violence
  • Eugene Richardson – Possession of prescription drug w/o prescription
  • Michael Vamvas – Theft by unlawful taking
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  • Justine Garcia – possession/distribution/manufacturing CDS, manufacturing Cocaine/Heroin
  • Marc Grillo –  DUI
  • Joseph Higman – Loitering, possession or sale of drugs
  • Ronald Johnson – Attempt to cause bodily injury to another
  • Joseph Lauer – Alarming conduct, unlawful purpose/firearm, aggravated assault/strangulation of domestic violence victim
  • John Morrison –  Assault by auto/DUI

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