Phil Murphy: 95% of New Jersey COVID-19 Deaths Were Age 50 and Above in First Year of Pandemic

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TRENTON, NJ – As the pandemic reaction by New Jersey governor rages on against small businesses, restaurants, entertainment venues and other small business establishments, Phil Murphy on Friday reported that 95% of the state’s COVID-19 fatalities occurred in elderly citizens aged 50 and up.

“Exactly 80% of the fatalities are ages 65 and up, exactly 80%. If you then go down to the age of 50 and go 50 and up, you get to 95.6% of the fatalities,” Murphy said. “So this has been a pandemic that has hit in places all over the state, all over demographics, all over age groups, but it has disproportionately clobbered older New Jerseyans. Judy, thank you.”

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Murphy also noted that four patients under the age of 18 have died from COVID-19 in the past year since the pandemic began.

Most patients under the age of 50 experience mild to moderate symptoms and do not require hospitalization in a virus that typically takes from one to two weeks to pass in most individuals under the age of 50.