Chuck Schumer just honored a man who fought the Democrat Party’s fight against post-war anti-lynching laws

To celebrate Black History Month, New York Senator Chuck Schumer celebrated the life of Walter Francis White, a white man and leader of the NAACP who fought Democrat segregationists and was one of the reasons the Democrat deep-south was eventually desegregated.

“Walter Francis White was a civil rights activist and investigator who led the national chapter of the NAACP in NYC for more than 20 years until his death in 1955. He was a key figure in the fight against public segregation,” Schumer tweeted on Sunday.

Walter White was a multicultural journalist who traveled from New York City to the deep south to investigate the Southern Democrat’s blocking of anti-lynching laws.   The Democrat Party in the south wanted to keep their part of the country segregated and they wanted to make sure lynching stayed legal.  Even Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt turned a blind eye to his party’s fight to keep the lynching of U.S. citizens alive and well…and legal.


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