Radical Democrats Storm Georgia State Capitol, Gain Entry, Clash with Capitol Security Police


ATLANTA, GA – On Friday, a leftist Democrat mob entered and secured the Georgia State Capitol Building, refusing orders by local police and Capitol security officers to disperse.   The takeover of the Capitol was lead by Democrat state legislator Park Cannon.  Cannon was protesting a bill that would restore voter integrity to the state of Georgia, creating voter I.D. cards.   The Georgia State Patrol ordered the illegal occupants to exit the building and the crowd began verbally harassing the police officers, defying their orders.

Cannon later criticized the GSP’s actions saying that the Capitol building is the “people’s house” and they had the right to assemble.

“The same police officers are still here today and touching Black women. It is not OK, and they need to apologize publicly,” Cannon said. “This is the people’s house, and we’ve got to protect the right to vote,” Cannon said.

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