Breaking: NJ DOT Fixes Pothole on Route 9 in South Amboy

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SOUTH AMBOY, NJ – A breaking news story is unfolding in South Amboy where New Jersey Department of Transportation road crews actually through some cold patch into couple of potholes along a once treacherous stretch of Route 9 here.

“Yesterday evening, a constituent requested pothole repairs be made on Rt 9 in South Amboy. In less than 24 hours, our crews made the repairs,” the NJ DOT said in a press release on the matter. “We’re committed to embracing our role as a customer service organization and serving NJ’s communities.”

The outstanding bravery of the NJ DOT employees did not go unnoticed by the residents of New Jersey.

“In other news, millions of other people went to work yesterday, did their job, and didn’t post about it begging for positive reinforcement after providing barely adequate results,” said Robert Brodhead on Facebook.

Others had little faith in the long-term feasibility of the patch applied to the highway.

Some said it would not last a week, while others figured it was already back to the way it was.

“You collected millions of tax dollars meant for repairing roads and you’re bragging about spending five dollars of it on actual road repair?” asked Eric G.

Hundreds of others reported other potholes on other state roads that have gone unattended for years and asked for resolutions to problems that in many places have persisted for decades.

One person even questioned whose political palm was greased to get the NJ DOT to actually fix a pothole

“How well politically connected is this constituent?” asked Michael A.