Alec Baldwin rage quits Twitter, says it’s where all the a-holes are

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HOLLYWOOD – Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin this week rage quit Twitter after he and his wife Gillian Anderson came under fire for her Spanish accent controversy.  The actor who for years mocked and ridiculed former President Donald J. Trump on Saturday Night Live, said he was fed up with the comments and responses he got from his detractors on Twitter.

“I deactivated my Twitter account today,” Baldwin said in a video posted to Instagram. “I noticed that somebody said [Anderson] had switched accents from an accent from another country to an American accident.”

Baldwin said he just responded, “Oh, that’s interesting.”

“You can’t do any irony on Twitter.  You can’t do any irony in the United States,” Baldwin said. “The United States is such an uptight, unpleasant place.”


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“I find of course on Twitter, is where all the a–holes of the United States and beyond go to get their advanced degrees in a–holiness,” he said. “Twitter is a place that is just…”

Baldwin said he used Twitter as a news aggregator.

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