Mitt Romney votes against stimulus citing too much wasteful spending


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Utah Senator Mitt Romney has been voting alongside Democrats in the 2021-2022 legislative session, but today broke off with his allies on the other side of the aisle.

Romney voted against the bill, which he said borrows money from China after states such as California had record budget surpluses this year.

“It’s disappointing that the Administration and Democrats chose to push through a partisan plan that borrows money for states that don’t need it and adds to the national debt,” Romney said.

Romney also said the $1.9 trillion bill did too little to fund non-pandemic related projects.

“I voted against the $1.9 trillion #COVID19 package because it’s full of wasteful spending unrelated to urgent pandemic needs,” Romney said. “Republicans, in good faith, sought to negotiate a compromise bill that would have targeted COVID assistance to those who really need it.”

The bill passed in a 50-49 vote split along party lines.

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