Andrew Cuomo raises indoor dining to 75%, Where ya at Phil Murphy?

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ALBANY, NY – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced he is raising the limit on indoor dining capacity outside of New York City.  It could be that Cuomo has enough problems to handle and raising the limit is a great way to get the business community off his back while he fights off sexual harassment allegations by the truckload and a state and federal investigation into his nursing home crisis.

“The numbers are down – when the numbers are down we adjust the economic reopening valve. … New York on March 19, same-day Connecticut goes to 100, our restaurants outside of New York City which have been at 50 percent, will now go to 75 percent. That is everywhere outside of New York City,” Cuomo said. “That is all very good news. … All the same safety capacities remain in effect but we will go to 75 percent. … If the numbers change, if something happens, if there is a downtown, then obviously we will adjust.”

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Connecticut this week announced it will be going to 100% capacity for indoor dining.

Yet, in New Jersey, indoor dining capacity is at 25% and bar services remain shut down.

Where ya at Phil?

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has enacted some of the strictest and harshest individual and business restrictions in America during the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, Murphy has piggybacked on most of Cuomo’s executive orders for closing. This will be the first test to see if Murphy follows the lead of Cuomo and reopens indoor dining in the state.

New Jersey is a state with nearly 6,000,000 vaccine-eligible residents,  Today, Murphy announced 833,000 are fully vaccinated and 1.6 million have received their first vaccination.